Welcome to the KSL Insurance Pre-Claims Audit Service

My Journey to and from the Earthquake Claims Business

In September 2017 I decided to “wind down” my involvement in auditing and negotiating earthquake claims. If I am honest with myself, I just got sick and tired of  what I regard as the unethical behavour of the insurance companies in managing earthquake claims.
In 2011 when I initially set up the claims audit business it was to help my own KSL clients. I expected that we would be all “done and dusted” within 12 to 18 months. The reality was, it ended up consuming me! The business diversified into a specialist claims audit business which I operated for almost six years.

With the successful integration of the new shareholders from the Maurice Trapp Group into KSL Insurance I am delighted to now be embarking on the continuation of my first love – Life Insurance Auditing. Helping clients (before they have their claims) through my Pre-Claims Audit.

What the earthquake sequence has taught me as an insurance veteran of 48 years, is that the principles of good faith and Insurance integrity vanish when a disaster strikes at the heart of the profitability of an insurance company.

New Directions and New Process

My Succession Planning at KSL Insurance

….2018 was my 48th year in the insurance industry. Other milestones included:

  • I turned 65 in May 2018.
  • I achieved a 3 year clearance from my bladder cancer concerns – I am now out to a six-month surveillance program only.
  • In September 2017 I closed the claims audit business to new claims. Through 2018 we have “run off” the majority of the outstanding claims.
  • Concurrently I have refocussed the business on its core activity “Life Insurance Auditing”.
  • I finalised my business succession plan.

New Ownership Structure

At the start of 2018, I finally conceded that I was no longer immortal and that I had an obligation to my loyal and valued clients to develop a long term continuation strategy. I commenced in earnest the development of a business succession plan.
I explored several options, from employing a successor, bringing in a younger partner, through to an outright sale. My personal desire was to retain an active involvement within the industry and preferably within the KSL business so that I was able to continue to service my existing clients as I do not intend to retire.

Christchurch’s Earthquake Nightmare continues…

There is much to do in Christchurch, but there is also much to do to ready ourselves properly, effectively and efficiently now, to ensure that the problems of Christchurch never again be the problems that any other New Zealanders needlessly has to endure.
The changes suggested need political intervention and a will from politicians to “do the right thing” for ordinary New Zealanders. Ask Your local Politician what they intend to do to fix this problem.
– Kevin Seque