Control, Choice, And Certainty

NIB put out some great information from time to time. The NIB tip this week is a reminder of why you own medical insurance in such turbulent times.

Control, Choice, and Certainty
When suffering from a major illness your key focus needs to be on beating the condition you are suffering from.
Three key criteria in helping with that focus are having Control, Choice, and Certainty. Which we know we do not have with the public health system. 
That is precisely why you need to own Private Health Insurance.
Control– Clients have total control as to where, when, and how they treated.
Choice – Clients have a choice as to how and where they are to be treated.
Certainty – Guaranteed wordings provide absolute certainty on cover and outcomes.
Whilst there are many policies to choose from, as medical insurance is required for your lifetime, you need to own the best available plan today as once you have a pre-existing condition you are generally then locked into that policy. Choose wisely as it could be a costly mistake.

NIB has a slogan …
Health comes first
KSL Insurance uses the slogan …
Health is your wealth