Eight Thousand Short!

Just when we think we’re running out of content for a newsletter NIB and the media helps me out and comes up with an article we can share.
8,000 is the number of nurses, doctors, and other health professionals the public health system is short of with another 1,600 needed in the next 12 months.

It’s the unfixable problem and it’s what causes lengthy wait lists. The number of people waiting for surgery is only getting bigger – and it gets bigger by the day.
Here’s a graph of the number of patients waiting more than 12 months for elective treatment:

Here is a link to the article. We all know what the best way to avoid having elective surgery in the public system is by having health insurance.

We have been saying for many years that your wealth in retirement is your health. Most ailments are elective as you age. Fix ups and upgrades, e.g. stents, hips, knees, backs, female issues etc.  If you can’t obtain early treatment the problem becomes chronic and your quality of life suffers immediately. Special thanks to Steph at NIB for the inspiration and the content.