Hardship – We Are Here To Help

Premium relief is available and we can help you

As an essential service business during the Covid-19 lockdown period, KSL Insurance advisers and staff have been working remotely from our homes. We are open for business and can help you with a review of your insurances which for a lot of our clients this is timely.

Our advisers have been ringing as many clients as we can over the past two weeks to see if you need any advice or premium relief assistance in respect to your insurance program as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

We are very aware that the longer we remain in lockdown the more complex our lives become and the considerable uncertainty and anxiety for many. Uncertainty of incomes, possible loss of employment, questions of sustainability of businesses are some of the major issues many will be confronting. It is therefore very important that you identify and take advantage of all the support networks that you have available to you.

It was our intention to talk to all clients individually, but realised that this will take more time than we have hours in the day to achieve this. As a consequence we are sending you the information provided from Asteron. For AIA/ Sovereign and Fidelity please contact us via email and we will arrange the necessary forms after discussing your individual requirements.

We are here now to help you to ensure that you can maintain your insurance program.  Let our advisers know if you need help and we will assist where we can.

Most Insurance companies have indicated that they will allow some flexibility for policy holders who are experiencing difficulty in funding premiums. Letting your policy lapse should be the last resort given the challenges of obtaining a completely new policy at some time in the future.  The old adage is that ‘if you can’t afford to pay the premium, then you can’t afford to not keep the policy in force’.

There are a number of options available:

  • Asteron is offering up to six months premium relief with cover and no payback. An application form is attached.  Please tick the boxes and return to me for processing.
  • Fidelity is offering up to 3 months premium relief with cover and payback by arrangement over 12 months. Please email me details of your situation and I will get the necessary forms for you to sign.
  • AIA/Sovereign  is offering up to 12 months premium suspension with no cover. Please email me your situation and I will get the necessary forms for you to sign.
  • Most companies are also offering, under normal credit control, late payment of up to 90 days with full cover with a repayment arrangement to suit you, to catch up lost premiums.

All offers are subject to special terms and conditions.

Please give Kevin, Brian or Grace a call if you need our help. We are here to help you.

Kind regards and stay safe

Kevin, Brian, Grace, Jack and Sharon