There have been quite few articles that have hit the headlines recently showing just how under resourced our public hospitals are across the country (refer below).

Private health insurance was always thought of as a ‘nice to have’, but not necessary, as kiwis had access to our public health system. 
No longer is this the case, and it’s going to take years (from a comment in one of the articles) before this situation is fixed.

Health insurance is now a ’must have’ by-passing waiting lists, not just for surgery but for getting quick access to a specialist when diagnostics are needed. TALK TO KSL NOW!
You need to be aware and do everything possible to protect your health and the quality of life of your family, and if an employer your staff.
Have a read below…  

The number of people waiting more than four months to access treatment had trebled, to 26,800​ from 8153 ​in February 2020. Nearly 36,000​ were waiting longer than that to see a specialist, double what it was pre-pandemic. (These figures are in the first article)

Dunedin – this article shows graphs of the wait times for each public hospital in NZ.




ED Departments (Nelson, Middlemore, Christchurch, Wellington, Palmerston North ED Departments mentioned in the below article) Staffing shortages are the main contributor along with increased demand.