The beginning of 2022

Dear Clients

At this time each year we all face with the great rush before Christmas – finishing off projects, completing tasks, making sure we meet all the commitments we have made.
On top of that is the challenge of getting through Christmas, and for many going on holiday.
We all leave behind a year that has been filled with uncertainties; a very uncomfortable time for many.
So what to think about for 2022?

Home Things

  1. Getting the kids ready for school.
  2. House things; painting, gardens, renovations, or moving.
  3. Replacing stuff; TV, Computers, Cars,

Work Things

  1. A new job?
  2. A new business idea?
  3. Improving the way we do things.
  4. Planning an exit.

Financial Things

  1. Pay off the mortgage faster.
  2. Knowing how retirement saving is going; will we have enough?
  3. Paying for kids education.

Bad Things

  1. Coping with being off work.
  2. Sickness and injury.
  3. Death.

Fun Things

  1. Holidays.
  2. Toys.
  3. Hobbies.
  4. Sports.

The people at KSL Insurance can help with some of these.  In the New Year we will be contacting you to discuss many of these ‘things’ with you.
So…… have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
Kevin, Brian, Sharon, Ben and Jack