Insurance Company: Lumley
Location: Fendalton
Offer: $53,786 under cap repair
Settlement: $1,203,087 rebuild


Fendalton home owners came to KSL Audit for assistance with an under cap settlement offer of $53,786. KSL Audit negotiated a $1,203,087 rebuild. This couple is now rebuilding their home with Aurum Property Systems programme. Delmira Homes, one of Aurum Property Systems’ preferred builders, is managing the build.

The owners said:

“We can hardly believe how fortunate we were to be referred to you, and how very grateful we are for your wonderful service ever since we became KSL clients. We had no idea how to proceed. Finally, with your help, we made it over cap and we were so relieved to have your expertise to negotiate with our insurance company. We are now rebuilding with Aurum Property Systems and we are once again finding a level of kindly support and expertise that removes the stress of wondering how we will possibly cope with the rebuild process.”

Insurance Company: AMI/Southern Response
Location: St Albans
Offer: $337,143 repair
Settlement: $863,618 rebuild


After KSL Audit negotiated a rebuild amount, these clients worked with Aurum Property Systems and used builder Simplexity Construction to rebuild their home.

The owners said:

“The KSL Audit team worked countless hours on our case, referring us to necessary experts to provide evidence to counter the insurance company’s opinions and negotiate a settlement. KSL Audit’s experience in the insurance industry and knowledge was invaluable to us, as was their advice during what was a very stressful time for us. We then engaged Aurum Property Systems to start the process of rebuilding our home with Simplexity Construction and, after an extremely smooth building process, we have moved into our new home. We have no doubt that the great result for us was only possible due to the experience and hard work of all at KSL Audit and we have no reservations in recommending their services to anyone having similar issues with their insurers.”

Insurance Company: State
Location: South Shore
Offer: $243,522 repair
Settlement: $648,200 rebuild


In this case where the amount offered was insufficient to take a damaged house back up to standard, KSL Audit negotiated a rebuild. These satisfied clients engaged Aurum Property Systems and used builder Coppel Cruickshank for their rebuild.

The owners said:

“We are so happy with our home and thank you so much for all your work and sticking with us throughout. We really appreciate it.”

Insurance Company: Vero
Location: New Brighton
Offer: $170,809 repair
Settlement: $648,200 rebuild


New Brighton residents were offered only $170,809 to repair their home which was not nearly enough to fix it to an acceptable standard. KSL Audit negotiated a figure sufficient for a rebuild and the owners were able to proceed with Aurum Property Systems and AE Builders.

The owners said:

“Without your dedication and perseverance and the backing of KSL Audit, we would not have been able to achieve the result you obtained. You are the best!”

Insurance Company: NZI
Location: Cashmere Hills (mass movement zone)
Offer: $589,093 repair
Settlement: $1,491,592 rebuild


These residents of the Cashmere Hills did not receive an offer from NZI that reflected the value and special nature of their home. Through KSL Audit, they were able to negotiate an amount that would allow a rebuild. However, they no longer wanted to live in the area and were grateful for the flexibility to purchase an equivalent property elsewhere.

The owners said:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work to get our settlement. You made the journey stress-free for us and, although it took a long time, we appreciate the ease.”

Insurance Company: AA
Location: Huntsbury Hill
Offer: $80,000 under cap repair
Settlement: $1,810,353 rebuild


These clients living in Christchurch’s hill suburbs were able to move on and purchase property in another area after KSL Audit negotiated their rebuild.

The owners said:

“I would like to express to you how impressed I was with your professionalism and excellent understanding of the earthquake matters, building matters and insurance matters.”

Insurance Company: IAG
Location: Beckenham
Offer: $337,796 repair
Settlement: $837,183 repair


The amount offered by IAG to the owners of this Beckenham property was not even enough to repair it to the current Building Code standards. KSL Audit negotiated on the owners’ behalf. The house was repaired by Coppel Cruickshank and the project managed by Aurum Property Systems.

Insurance Company: AMI/Southern Response
Location: Richmond
Offer: $234,141 repair
Settlement: $755,809 repair


Only after negotiating a cash settlement through KSL was this household able to move out, move on, and purchase another property.

Insurance Company: AMI/Southern Response
Location: Huntsbury Hill
Offer: $405,956 repair
Settlement: $835,589 rebuild


With their cash settlement, these owners had the flexibility to rebuild their dream home – out of hay bales!

Insurance Company: NZI
Location: Opawa
Offer: $260,558 repair
Settlement: $730,507 rebuild


Opawa residents unhappy with their NZI offer were able to renegotiate through KSL Audit. After extended negotiations, they are happy to have settled at last on an amount that gives them plenty of options.

The owners said:

“A big thank you for all your efforts in settling our claim and for being supportive and encouraging along the way. It is a great relief to get to this point after such a long road!”