Medical insurance is a policy that supplements the public health system. The public health system cannot be relied upon for non-urgent, elective surgery and specialists’ tests and investigations.

KSL Insurance recommends to all clients that they have a major-medical plan.

Plans offer various benefits:

  • Hospital Surgical Benefits up to $500,000 per person, per policy year, for surgery and/or medical treatment in private hospitals in New Zealand. Includes Oral Surgery benefit for removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Global Surgical Benefit if you choose to have a medically necessary surgery performed overseas. (You will be reimbursed for up to 75% of the cost of the surgical treatment if it was undertaken in New Zealand).
  • Major Diagnostics Benefit up to $200,000 per person, per policy year, for specified diagnostic procedures (excludes routine health screenings).
  • Cancer Treatment Benefit up to $500,000 cover each year for cancer treatment.
    Costs covered include:
    • Diagnostics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    • Access to the latest medical treatments and future treatments, e.g. new immunotherapy medicines.
    • PHARMAC and Non-PHARMAC chemotherapy medicines.
  • Cover while living in Australia. You will continue to be covered for up to 24 months in the event you move to Australia.